Skydog™ Unified Services Platform

Skydog is a Software Defined Networking platform created for service providers to deliver networking services to both consumers and businesses. With Skydog, carriers and other service providers can deploy, support and manage wireless and wired networks across homes, businesses and Wi-Fi hotspots via a single, unified environment.

The Skydog platform combines powerful hardware with future-proofed enterprise-grade firmware and massively scalable cloud software in a remarkably cost-effective package. This,enables carriers to rapidly increase their customer lifecycle value with on-demand services, to introduce innovative wide area data connectivity options, and to lower cost of support, all with no changes to their data delivery infrastructures and with minimal upfront investment.

  • For homes, Skydog provides a fully featured consumer gateway/router with integrated parental controls, usage monitoring and alerting, secure work-at home and guest zones, and streaming bandwidth optimization.
  • For businesses, Skydog offers an inexpensive gateway with advanced routing features, guest services, strong authentication, secure browsing, RADIUS and directory integration.
  • For public Wi-Fi access, Skydog enables centralized configuration and management of a large numbers of hotspots with native UAM integration and centralized authentication of users.

The Skydog platform is offered to carriers as a managed, cloud-hosted service or as a private cloud option for in-house datacenter hosting.

The synergy between the CPE hardware devices and the cloud service is critical to deliver the advanced features of the Skydog Unified Services Platform. PowerCloud makes readily available a line of powerful routers and access points with custom-branding and white-label options, and can also Skydog-enable third-party router from ODM vendors already qualified by individual carriers.