Complete, Instant Control from Anywhere.

The heart of the CloudCommand Wi-Fi system is the powerful virtual controller that provides from the cloud all the functionalities traditionally found in expensive on-site controllers while adding anytime, anywhere monitoring and management at reduced capital cost.

CloudCommand Virtual Management Center (VMC) provides IT administrators with a simple, centralized point for deploying, configuring, and monitoring Wi-Fi networks regardless of their physical location. The powerful and intuitive dashboard lets you instantly view all the status and traffic information across any number of distributed sites, access points and devices, making network health monitoring, configuration changes and generation of reports simple and efficient tasks.

Built on an innovative distributed architecture, CloudCommand achieves fully segregated, secure tenancy in massive scale. It allows multiple networks to be managed from a single viewing interface. Administrators can create multiple operators and assign individual management and viewing rights, balancing confidentiality, security, and operational access needs. This is especially important for multi-location deployments such as franchises, hotels, multi-dwelling units, or managed care facilities.

Built-in enterprise-grade TLS encryption, firewalls for corporate and guest access, multiple VLANs, and 802.1X/RADIUS support deliver a secure system that can be integrated with any corporate and public access environment.

CloudCommand Enterprise Software Packages

The CloudCommand VMC is available on a per-access point subscription model. Each new access point includes one year of Standard service that can be extended and/or upgraded to the Premium version by purchasing additional licenses from authorized resellers.


software packages

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