Why Cloud Storage is Essential to Any Digital User

What is Cloud Storage?

When sending files through Wetransfer, take mobile photos that are automatically saved through Google Drive or iCloud, or even just receiving and storing emails in an inbox - all of these outline the basic concept of cloud storage, which lies as a core convenient to the modern digital world.

Cloud storage essentially means that data is not saved physically on devices, but stored digitally to what is referred to as ''the cloud'', which really is a huge mass of physical storage spread through a multitude of servers, owned by a particular host company.

Why Use Cloud Storage?

As data quality improves with every second, all data translates to larger, high-quality files, making it difficult to physically store it on any phone, tablet, and PC.

Using a cloud service means having all devices' files stored into one single platform which does not take any space from one's own GB limit.

Irrelevant to whatever mishap might happen to a device, or even just changing or upgrading one's device, cloud files will always be there - one, easy, access - reachable from any device or corner of the world.

What Cloud to Use?

Nowadays there are numerous cloud options from where to chose. Many of these options such as DropBox, Google Drive, etc offer basic free sourcing for cloud storage. Then they offer a series of pay monthly/yearly packages that enables clients to store a huge multitude of files.

Finally, different cloud hosters offer different packages to suit a variety of specifics that covers all sorts of needs.